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Choosing steam cleaning for your car is indeed an excellent choice. High temperatures of steam cleaning kills and denatures harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Steam is air borne, hence the heat naturally kills any bacteria or viruses in the interior of your car. Steam cleaning leaves your vehicle smelling clean and fresh which is completely safe and healthy for your family and pets. Interior Steam does NOT use detergents or chemicals and thus, does not waste water, only distilled water.

If you want your car to look fresh, smell natural and appear new, get in touch with our professionals at Detailing Garage Limassol. Our shop is equipped with the most modern steam and extraction machines available on the market, that guarantee 100% client satisfaction.


Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of removing imperfections on the paint surface.

Paint Coating

Paint coatings are semi-permanent paint protection for vehicles that will last for years.

Interior Treatment

Includes steam cleaning and sanitisation for killing all bacteria and germs.

Ceramic Coating

We are the only Authorized Installer of Modesta Paint Coatings in Cyprus, an industry leading paint coating based on a three-dimensional molecular frame.

Paint Decontamination

Using special products and very subtle techniques to carry out this work, including ‘clay barring’ for removing finer impurities and overspray.

Glass Protection

Glass protection not only adds a radiant gleam to your windscreen and windows, it improves visibility and has  hydrophobic (water repellent) properties .

Steam Wash

Steam car wash is the process of using steam vapor to clean a car’s exterior and interior. Today, steam has become an ever-growing asset to the car wash industry.

Car Restoration

Behind the art of our detailing, our vision is to innovate car restoration. Through various treatments and special care, we can re-vitalize and bring your vehicle back to it's old glory!

Wheel Protection

Our process involves restoring damaged wheels, clean, prepare and glass coat them,  removing the wheels so that we can apply protection treatment to the inside rim.

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